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President’s Note

By utilizing and taking advantage of our experience, technologies, and strength in surface treatment field, we have successfully answered theme such as producing products with high performance products, high function, globally friendly, from our clients including those leading companies in automotive, electronics, and other fields.

Surface treatment will bring successful appearance and corrosion protection performance coming from combination of selecting appropriate products used in an appropriate control. Abiding by our marketing policy of customer support as top priority, we founded our base in Parque Tecnoindustrial Castro del Rio and have experienced staffs stationed. From Castro del Rio, we will provide customer support service to further improve quality of customers’ final products as our goal in North, Central, and, South American area.

Our environment has shown us a lot of changes recently, and has thrown us assignments for environmental problems in world-wide. Surface treatment is in fact one of the means to solve and support these resource, energy environmental issues.We will gather to solve these environmental issues, and try to develop sustainable activities by promoting user and environmentally friendly products to ourselves and to our clients.

We will contribute to development of industry in Mexico to be a needed one for all the stake holders including our clients by polishing our surface treatment technology and improving sustainability as a company.

Kenji ITO
YUKEN Surface Technology

Company Profile

Company name YUKEN Surface Technology, S.A. de C.V.
Location Avenida Rio San Lorenzo No. 1172, 5ta etapa, Fracción Ⅱ,
Parque Tecnoindustrial Castro del Rio, Irapuato, GTO. México, CP: 36810
Phone 462-607-4950


Production and distribution of industrial cleaners and surface treatment agents

Company History (YUKEN)

Mar 1937 Inuzuka Kougyousho founded as a manufacturer and distributor of textile oil agents
Feb 1951 Incorporated under the company name of YUKEN Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Dec 1957 Started the development, manufacturing and distribution of metal surface treatment agents which became the core part of the Chemical Products Business Department
Sep 1965 Succeeded in the development of plating on plastic materials
May 1966 Received commendation as a good tax-paying corporation
Jul 1974 Company name changed to YUKEN Industry Co., Ltd.
Jul 1983 The New Ceramic Binder received certification as a novel technology from the Foundation for Research and Development Industry Cultivation Center (currently the Venture Enterprise Center)
May 1989 Started the functional thin-film processing business
Oct 1991 Received an excellence award for workplace environment
Apr 1992 Started sales of non-Freon and no-ethane cleaning agents, following the complete ban of Freon
Oct 1997 Expansion into China (HuaBei: Tianjin, HuaDong: KunShan, HuaNan: ShenZhen)
Aug 1998 Construction of the Takatana new factory in Anjo City (for functional thin-film production)
Apr 2001 Obtained the International Environment Standards ISO14001 certification
Jan 2003 Received the Medium and Small Business Research Institute Award (National Award)
Feb 2003 Received the “monozukuri” NAGOYA brand award
Sep 2005 Received the “Love the Earth” Exhibition Award
Feb 2006 Established YUKEN EMPLOY Co., Ltd.
Apr 2006 Established YUKEN America, Inc. in Michigan, USA
Jan 2009 Completed construction of the Toyama Factory
Apr 2011 Established Siam YUKEN Co., Ltd. in Thailand
Feb 2012 Received Best Award from the Aichi Environment Award
Apr 2012 Received JSTP Medal for Technology from the Tokai branch of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
Feb 2014 Established YUKEN Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. in Irapuato, Mexico
Mar 2016 Established YUKEN Surface Technology, S.A. de C.V. in Mexico
Apr 2018 Established YUKEN Europe GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany


A system for distributing YUKEN products to all parts of the world

YUKEN products are being used worldwide. Designed to be environmentally friendly, YUKEN’s surface treatment technology is gaining popularity worldwide, and several sales offices and distribution dealers are also being established in countries around the globe.


Network in North and Central America

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Network in East Asia

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Network in Southeast Asia

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Network in Europe

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