Non-cyanide alkaline zinc plating brighteners for barrel application

METASU ZES is an alkaline brightener, which possesses high productivity, high throwing power, and improved brightness from low to middle current area.

・Short processing time made possible by fast plating speed.
・Excellent throwing power.
・Attractive luster and good compatibility with chromate.
・High current density can be used since it does not burn easily.
・Usage amount is reduced compared to conventional products due to high concentration formulation.
・Easy handling with possible usage up to 35°C.
・Wastewater treatment is simple.

Product Specifications


Appearance Colorless – yellow liquid (ZES-M2)
Light yellow – yellow liquid (ZES-S(M))
Colorless liquid (ZES-R(M))

Usage conditions (standard)

Item Range Remarks
Composition Zinc 7 – 14g/L
Caustic soda 110 – 150g/L
METASU ZES-M2 2 – 8ml/L Wetter
METASU ZES-S(M) 0.5 – 2.0ml/L Brightener
METASU ZES-R(M) 5 – 15ml/L Softener
Condition Temperature 20 – 35°C
Cathode electric current density 0.4 – 1.5 A/dm2 The maximum cathode current density changes according to the zinc concentration and stirring.
Electric current efficiency 60 – 80% Differs for various current density settings.
Precipitation speed 0.25μm/min
(1A/dm2 )

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