METASU FZ-500 A(M) / G(M)

Acid zinc brightener for high temperature bath

METASU FZ-500 is acid chloride brightener which possess low nitrogen and equal performance of ammonium – potassium bath without boric acid.

・Keeping nitrogen level as low as non-cyanide alkaline bath to meet nitrogen waste regulation
・No boric acid used to meet boron regulation
・Wide range of bath temperature. Bright quality finish will be obtained from ambient to rather high bath temperature
The merits of the following will be obtained by keeping bath temperature high
① Be able to plate without cooling bath
② No increase of plating solution surface
③ Will improve ductility, which facilitate second-workability and reduces plating flakes
④ Increase adhesion with passivate agent
・Work environment is improved. Less amount of mist and oder

Product Specifications


Appearance Light yellow~red liquid (FZ-500A(M))
Colorless~light transparent yellow liquid (FZ-500G(M))

*The product color tone does not affect performance.


Usage conditions (standard)

Item Monitoring range Remarks
Composition Zinc chloride 40 – 80g/L Monitor by analysis.
Zinc metal 20 – 40g/L Monitor by analysis.
Potassium chloride 220 – 260g/L Monitor by analysis. Decrease in concentration induces a drop in covering power.
All chlorines 120 – 170g/L Monitor by analysis. Decrease in concentration induces a drop in covering power.
METASU FZ-500A(M) 0.03 – 0.10L/KAH Set according to the barrel drag-out amount.
METASU FZ-500G(M) 0.10 – 0.30L/KAH Being set by requested brightness level
Condition pH 5.5 – 6.0 Monitor by pH meter.
Bath temperature 20 – 45°C Consumption amount for FZ-500G(M) (brightener) increases in high temperature baths.
Cathode electric current density 5 – 10A/Kg Being set depending on a shape of barrel and a part, and loading amount
Anode High purity zinc (99.99%) Titanium case can be used.
Filtration Continuous filtration A filtration capacity of 2 to 4 times the amount of plating solution per hour is required.

Bath makeup method (standard)

Chemicals Standard bath makeup concentration Remarks
Zinc chloride 50g/L 99% high purity product
Potassium chloride 240g/L Refined product
METASU FZ-500A(M) 50ml/L Brightener for bath makeup and replenishment
METASU FZ-500G(M) 1 – 2ml/L Brightener for bath makeup and replenishment

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