Liquid alkaline cleaner

PAKUNA ELECTOR LAA / PAKUNA 239-NA is a two-liquid type alkaline cleaner used with automatic replenishment systems.
It can be used in cleaning processes prior to plating, due to its effectiveness in removing contaminants like mineral oil.

・Formulated as a two-liquid type cleaner, replenishment can be adjusted according to the drag-out amount and consumed components.
・Depending on the two-liquid bath makeup concentrations, 3 methods for grease removal are available, namely alkali immersion, alkali electrolysis and electrolysis.

Product Specifications


Appearance Light yellow liquid(PAKUNA ELECTOR LAA)
Light yellow liquid(PAKUNA 239-NA)

Usage conditions (standard)

Item Grease removal by alkaline immersion Grease removal by alkaline electrolysis Grease removal by electrolysis
Concentration to be used ELECTOR LAA 40 g/L 80 g/L 160 g/L
PAKUNA 239-NA 35 g/L 55 g/L
Bath temperature 50 – 60 ℃ 30 – 50℃
Time 5 – 15minutes 3 – 10minutes 0.5 – 5 minutes
Agitation Mild bubbling
Electric current density Anode 0.1 – 0.5 A/dm2 Anode 1 – 5 A/dm2

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